Customized Formulations
Our application specialists will work with you to develop the exact wheel composition for your application. We can cross reference competitive grades, make recommendations for upgrades, or create new formulations to meet new demands. By utilizing the latest in bond technology and the highest quality abrasives we create solutions for your most demanding production applications.

Coordinating the multiple facets of a grinding wheel with the appropriate relationships and structure by formulation comes from years of research. This realm of knowledge is dynamic and co-dependent to the type of equipment, process, and customer expectations for productivity, tolerances and finish.

To create a wheel one must first understand machine design and the process. This will dictate a certain level of rigidity, dampening capability, and potential limitations of the grinding system.

Understanding the material being ground, stock removal, tolerance, and finish give the parameters to create a wheel to act as the interface. The selection of the elements within the structure along with the chemistry of the secondary matrix and bond are critical to developing the proper balance for the application. Based upon proven knowledge and a deep understanding of the systems RAI formulates to the need.

We are inspired to intuitively apply technology and create for our customers their competitive advantage.
Research & Development
Our customer base is an ever changing community which demand from their partners, the most advanced, performance driven value for their situation. In order to meet their requirements, listening to their needs and developing a focused, calculated strategy is key. Whether the goal is improved finish, productivity, G-ratio, burr free sharpening, or polishing, RAI will focus on the need and develop the solution.

We are committed to innovation. It is our life blood for future business and progress within the industry. With a deep understanding of grinding applications and years of experience testing and developing bond systems, formulations and special products, we are the “go to” vendor for new applications for many clients. We will develop complete new bond chemistry for a special applications, custom formulate grain coatings for unique adhesion and breakdown characteristics, to introducing unique additives to enhance and unleash new characteristics. RAI is the only source in the abrasive industry capable of producing custom formulations in days not weeks!

Our experience is your resource - In the products we make, and the knowledge we bring to the table.
When You Need It
The approach is simple.

Service is first. Treat the customer the way you would expect to be treated then move ahead one step more to impress them and let them know, they are a priority at RAI, and this how they can expect to be treated.

When a customer gives us the consideration to partner with them. We appreciate the opportunity and we will put forth our best effort, every time.

As with any product - if the customer does not have it, when they need, “it is useless.” This is why we move from phone call to production in less than 24 hours when possible.

RAI provides responsiveness at that critical time! We deliver what you need when you need it. Our turnaround time from order to shipment is 4 to 5 days. We can guarantee you will receive the most rapid delivery of a custom formulation on the market today!

We deliver what you need when you need it.
With our origins based in Germany, and our century old culture of abrasive manufacturing, our processes are proven. We use the latest equipment combined with our veteran craftsman to produce grinding wheels of superb quality, consistency, and durability. Our lean approach to production and value focused processes keep us competitive and provide a unique flexibility to meet demand. Our products adhere to stringent quality standards and deliver the consistent performance our customers have come to expect.

Workmanship comes from a deep understanding of what you are doing. It’s getting hands-on real life experience, skilled training, and continuous development until you reach the level of craftsman or expert. There is no short cut, it is a process developed from a structured learning environment with set goals and objectives. It’s how RAI develops worker skill sets for each area of production and the organization overall. It is training how we operate. We do this for our day to day procedures, safety, and order processing, and include lean, value added and customer service at every level.

From entry level to our most veteran craftsman the transfer of knowledge and cohesive vision is there.

For RAI this is American Grade an instilled level of operational structure and cohesive mind set which drives customer focused quality and service above all other priorities of business.

We are Rochester Abrasives Industries, American Grade and American made.
We take pride in every product, American Grade, American Made!
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