The Rochester Abrasives Industries (RAI) Experience is unique and refreshing in a world of status quo and mediocrity. Our team has unwavering commitment to making a lasting contribution to the industrial grinding industry. This commitment has clearly provided our customers the ability to develop and maintain an unmatched competitive edge.

The RAI team brings a wealth of expertise to the table as well as limitless passion. What else makes us different? Here are several traits and attributes that help RAI stand out from the crowd:
  • We have innovative, passionate people creating cutting-edge products.
  • Our consistent adherence to a solid service model provides our customers an unparalleled experience, pre-, during, and post the order process.
  • We Help our clients improve their time-to-market producing customized formulation in days, not weeks.
  • Our product development methodology is a proven, repeatable process based on years of experience.
We are committed to the highest standards of quality assurance from start to finish.

Our culture is built upon a belief that the industrial grinding industry needs a leader who can take care of the present day demands while also focusing proactively on future opportunities ‘to help companies meet their customers’ demands and expectations. RAI’s leadership team is always one-step ahead and one-step closer to the next innovative product to help companies remain competitive and agile.
We take pride in every product, American Grade, American Made!
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