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RAI has a complete line of industrial knife grinding wheels and segments specifically designed for the industry. Our Resin and Plastic technologies have been growing due to our solid reputation within the industry over the last 30 years. From roughing and grinding to honing and micro bevels we have approached every application methodically as well as created products that outperform the standard.

RAI’s products and services provide a wide range of value and benefits to the industrial knife industry including:
  • Reliable, responsive customer support.
  • Longer life with a proven track record for consistent, reliable, and superior product performance.
  • Faster grind speed to reduce production times.
  • Custom specifications to meet your specific product needs and expectations.
  • Direct support from the most qualified product engineers and account managers.
RAI industrial knife grinding wheels are being used by many to grind chippers, planers, flakers, trimmers, as well as Zamboni blades. We are dedicated to delivering the best solutions in the industry. Examples of some of our developments for this industry include the Epoxy lug zone on our Resin products, which is a first-to-market solution. It has improved performance by 20% and has been proven to increase the wheel’s safety factor by three times.

For more information on industrial knife grinding wheel & segments including material specification and results please view our PDF.

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