RAI manufactures a complete and continuously expanding line of epoxy bonded abrasives. We have a full array of grinding wheels for all industries. From grinding and sharpening to glazing and burnishing we have developed epoxies to adapt to just about any application. Epoxy wheels transcend the old-tradition technologies with a new proven systematic approach to improving processes

Epoxy Bonded Technology (Wheels) offers:
  • Flexible bond technology — from grinding to polishing, epoxy can deliver the solution.
  • Heavy stock removal capabilities on hardened materials — increases productivity.
  • Strong technology — capable of running up to 14,000 SFPM.
  • Using ceramic abrasives results in unmatched productivity.
  • Two-zone technology offers grinding and finishing with one operation.
  • Delivery in days, not weeks
Epoxy wheels have been used in industries such as:
  • Cutlery
  • General surface grinding applications
  • Cutter grinding
  • Drill pointing
  • Bearing grinding
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Large variety of other applications
We have a broad spectrum of knowledge in applying the right technology to the application. We continuously work with our customers to develop products that simplify their processing and improve their bottom line.

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