Coated Abrasives Market is Expected to Grow at a CAGR of 7.4%
Coated Abrasives Coated abrasives are used to grind, scour, clean or remove solid materials by rubbing action or by impact using equipment’s. Coated Abrasive market is expected to grow at rapid pace owing to its growing applications such as auto OEMs, fabrication, furniture, flooring etc.

Coated Abrasives are manufactured from synthetic or natural grain minerals such as aluminum oxide, silicon carbide, zirconia alumina and ceramic. These grain minerals are supported by backing materials such as paper, cloth, fiber, polyester film, others. These materials are then transformed into jumbo rolls which are then cut down into shapes such as discs, sheets, belts and rolls for smoothening, polishing and surface treatment application. Coated Abrasives market is set for intensifying growth in automotive, fabrication, jewelry applications and is expected to grow at CAGR of ~7.4% between 2016-2022.

Rise in demand for coated abrasives in welding, foundry, automotive industry is anticipated to propel the demand for coated abrasives market in coming years. The use of coated abrasive in order to improve the surface finish along with high productivity is driving the coated abrasive market growth. Owing to superior properties, industrial abrasive users are considering coated abrasive as a better option over conventional abrasives.

According to grain type, the coated abrasives market is segmented as aluminum oxide, silicon carbide, zirconia alumina, ceramic. Aluminum oxide accounted for major share owing to its properties such as high toughness and durability. Due to its properties, it is used in various applications such as metal fabrication and woodworking. The increased in demand for aluminum oxide in grinding nonmetallic material such as wood and plastic and non-ferrous material like aluminum, zinc etc. has boosted the market demand of coated abrasive over the forecasted period.

According to backing materials, coated abrasives are segmented into paper, cloth, fiber, polyester film, others. Fiber backing material based coated abrasive account for major shares and dominate the market growth in coming years. Rising popularity of coated abrasives and development of recent nonwoven fabric abrasives is anticipated to drive the coated abrasive market growth. The recent introduction of flexible belts, seeded gel abrasives, polyester backed abrasives by various manufacturers has opened opportunities in various regions. Fluctuation in raw materials, underdeveloped testing facilities and quality equipment’s is expected to hinder the market growth over the forecasted period. High energy consumption and labor strikes is expected to have negative impact on coated abrasives.

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